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Bean Sprouts Machine

Chongcheng Machinery Bean sprout machine adopts microcomputer control system, with automatic drenching, automatic temperature control, automatic protection and other functions to realize automatic production. Production machinery and equipment beautiful, durable, labor saving, energy saving and low consumption, at the same time with no noise, no pollution and other advantages. Bean Sprouts Machine manufacturers bean sprout machine is suitable for cultivating Chinese toon, polysavone, peanut, black bean, Sichuan pepper, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, Longxu bean, Acacia bean, broad bean, radish sprout and other more than 30 varieties. Usually, the cycle of hand-cultivated sprouts takes 5-6 days in summer and 9-12 days in winter, but it only takes 4-5 days to harvest them with our sprout bean sprout machine, which is completely unaffected by climate and season. bean sprout machine is the ideal choice to set up sprout plants or professional households, hotels, supermarkets, ocean-going ships, unit canoons.

Bean Sprouts Machine is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy frame, box for insulation, waterproof, rust-proof composite steel plate, the whole machine can realize full automation, can provide suitable space for bean sprout growth, without special care, save time and effort, reasonable design and beautiful appearance; Long service life and has the advantages of water saving and energy saving

Linqu Chongcheng Food Machinery Factory is a leading enterprise of bean sprout machine production. Our factory is a collection of scientific research, production,
Sales, service, training in one of the integrated bean sprout equipment production enterprises. bean sprout machine manufacturers, located in the convenient transportation of the largest Jiangbei
Aluminum profile production base - Linqu. North of the Ji-Qing expressway, south of the Jiao-Ji railway, with the capital of Jinan and international
Qingdao city east and west adjacent, geographical location advantaged.

Bean sprout machine Box:
It can realize the functions of multi-box separate control, box temperature display, high temperature alarm, high temperature drench, box automatic heating, air circulation in the constant temperature box and so on. bean sprout machine manufacturers
Water tank:
It can realize the functions of water tank temperature display, high temperature alarm, automatic water tank filling, automatic heating, constant temperature automatic drenching, high temperature forced drenching, drenching interval time display, drenching delay display, manual drenching and so on
Bud box:
Bean sprout turnover box, drawer type operation, easy to use, easy to support, compartmented isolation placed growth box, suitable for batch cycle production; At the same time, it is easy to clean and disinfect
Ozone disinfection machine:
It can be disinfected and sterilized for water tank, box and all kinds of bean sprouts. Ozone can not only kill the virus directly, but also provide a safe growing space for bean sprouts by killing the bacteria and microorganisms that the virus hosts
Bean sprouts machine is to control the growth process of bean sprouts in a constant temperature, constant humidity environment growth, as long as there is water and electricity can be, it will automatically water, automatic water stop, heating to the set value, will automatically time water, box temperature and air humidity can be automatically adjusted, people can do is to soak good bean seed into the machine and take out mature bean sprouts.
As long as the bean sprout machine is plugged into the power supply and connected to the water source, it will achieve automatic water, automatic water, automatic heating, automatic temperature control and other functions, whether with tap water or groundwater, automatic water heating device will quickly heat to your set value in reserve, the temperature in the body can be adjusted according to the length of the cycle, always maintain a constant temperature, So sprouts in the growth process of water temperature and ambient temperature is so simple to do.
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Box Bean Sprouting Machine

Box Bean Sprouting Machine

As a professional Box bean sprouting machine supplier and manufacture,Chongcheng Machinery is roficient in this field and has build business in many areas,such as European, America and so on.Box bean sprouting machine automatic operation, covers an area of less, save time and labor box bean sprouting machine suppliers.Looking forward for your early order!

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The Bean Sprouts Machine can be bought at factory price. Chongcheng Machinery has been producing Bean Sprouts Machine for many years and is one of the professional manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We have our own factory. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!