How to plant bean sprouts? What are the management methods?


1、 Seed selection

When selecting seeds, you can soak them with water first. Generally, floating seeds indicate weak vitality. During this period, you can fish them out. Next, high-quality varieties look round and shiny.

2、 Seed soaking

Before planting, high-quality seeds can be soaked for a period of time, usually about 5 hours. After the soaking time, all floating seeds should be fished out and drained. Before sowing, it is necessary to ensure that the seeds have a high wetness, which is conducive to maintaining the vitality of the seeds.

3、 Sowing

1. It is not recommended to plant bean sprouts in a box, which is not convenient for later management. In particular, the density of seed bean sprouts is relatively high. It is generally recommended to plant bean sprouts in a small container with a square shape. The container selected does not need to be too large, which is generally 40x50cm in size.

2. When sowing, the seed can be directly placed on the surface of the bean sprout, so that the seed can be slightly inserted into the surface of the bean sprout. It needs to be blocked with a covering to help maintain the wetness. The bean sprout generally grows on water, so no fertilization is required.

4、 Temperature

1. Temperature control is very important for the growth of bean sprouts, because the temperature will directly affect the development of bean sprouts. Generally, when seeding, the temperature should be controlled at about 18 ℃.

2. Because the seeds just started to recover at this time, such temperature is more suitable for seed germination. When the seeds split and sprouted, the temperature can be controlled at about 23 ℃. At this time, the bean sprouts are in the growth stage, and such temperature is more conducive to the growth and development of the bean sprouts.

5、 Moisture

1. The control of water directly affects the harvest of bean sprouts. As bean sprouts are maintained by water during the whole growth process, and grow faster, water requirements are more frequent.

2. Generally, it needs to be watered once every five hours or so. During the period of large-scale planting, sprinklers can be installed on the top to spray in the form of light rain, which is conducive to reducing the time for watering.

6、 Harvesting

1. When the bean sprouts grow into real leaves, they can be harvested. Generally, it only takes about 7 days from sowing to harvesting, during which they need to be harvested in time.

2. Because the bean sprouts grow very fast, if they are not harvested in time, the root of the bean sprouts are easy to age, and the taste will be greatly reduced. Generally, the newly harvested bean sprouts can be washed in a water basin before being stir fried.