Cause and elimination of small trouble of bean sprout machine


Fault phenomenon 1: The panel does not display Possible causes: 1. The power is not connected 2. The function switch is not opened Troubleshooting: 1. Check whether the power plug is plugged in 2. Set the function switch to the "on" position

Fault phenomenon 2: The heating pipe does not heat. Possible causes: 1. The heating control parts are damaged or contacted. 2. The heating pipe is burnt out. 3. The plug connector is loose. Troubleshooting: 1. Replace the AC contactor or fix it. 2. Replace the heating pipe. 3. Repair the plug connector

Fault phenomenon 3: Possible causes of no water spraying: 1. The time relay is damaged. 2. The actuating switch is damaged or contacted. 3. The connector of the water spraying line is loose. Troubleshooting: 1. Replace the time relay. 2. Replace the switch or AC contact. 3. Repair the connector

Fault phenomenon 4: Possible causes for the leakage protector to break frequently: 1. Water pump leakage 2. Heating pipe leakage 3. Troubleshooting: 1. Repair the water pump and related lines 2. Replace the heating pipe 3. Repair the lines and box contacts